Monday, February 22, 2010

Jane O'Sullivan

Lovely ethereal works on paper (mostly) by Jane O'Sullivan. She lives and works in Ireland and luckily I found her work on FLickr. Click on links to view her work best in detail! xo
ink, watercolour and paper stars on board 

ink and acrylic on paper 

ink, marker, embroidered bird and acrylic on paper

ink acrylic and pen on paper on card

ink and gouache on reverse of glass


Laura said...

thank you for featuring this extremely talented artist. i love her work!

rosanguyen said...

I love the colour choices, the layout and how each piece was constructed. Amazing work. Kudos to Jane O'sullivan

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh my goodness !
thank you so much katie ....this is a first for me and well , I am speechless..... bless you ♡

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Lovely, the top paintings is very very beautiful :)