Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Message d'Amour

The sweetly homespun details of Inge de Jonge's art and handicrafts have me reeling with warm fuzzy thoughts of friends and family today.  I believe she has a brick and mortar shop in Avignon, France  (if you are lucky enough to be in that region) and thankfully for the rest of us she has set up shop, Message d'Amour on Etsy!


jeanene said...

Such a pretty little girl in those beautiful vintage clothings. I would love to have a little girl to dress up. My little farm boys enjoy being comfortable in their plain white (muddy brown) t-shirts and haynes boxer shorts.. the tropics are too hot for anything else.

Lovely work. Beautiful blog.

amy said...

I think that boxwood lamp might be one of the best things EVER- soooo in love with it.

Amy Z

blue moss said...

love love to check it out...
ps...i'm certainly hoping to get to tinsel trading...if not this trip than the next :)

pammalu said...

so much to love here!
I think I might have a crush on the mixed media wall art cow.
So many little treasures!!!

Common Threads said...

we love your blog and have given you an award!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh wow....those are gorgeous...I have a feeling I better quit now and come back later or else I am going to be here all day catching up and annoying you with comments! :) Love to check out the shop.