Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eva Magill-Oliver

I've been fortunate to work recently on some design pieces for artist, Eva Magill-Oliver.  I really admire her clever mixed media techniques and the tangible sense of mood and place she's able to manipulate with them.  Eva is from South Carolina and only recently returned to Atlanta  to live after two years of living in Paris!  In addition to her Fine Art, Eva is a flourishing illustrator and currently working on a children's book project with her husband Whit, called Sam et Sophie- read more about it on her website! xo
36"″x 27"

10" x 8"

36.5" x 26.5"

35" x 26"
6"x 6"


 La Maison

 Les Alpes

 Visit Eva's Art Blog, Illustration Blog, and Website for more! xo


bubbles on my planet said...

this artist is so talented! I love these illustrations :)

emma lamb said...

Absolutely gorgeous find Katie, her work is so beautiful... thank you... :)
Emma x

Pinecone Camp said...

Beautiful! I love "deer" and "la maison", especially.

Laura said...

The pieces are so active and so calming simultaneously. I love that about them. I also like how she engages the edges of the compositions, and in some cases, that is where the most action or tension occurs. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

M. said...

These images are just gorgeous... a wonderful find, thank you!