Thursday, March 3, 2011

domestic-construction: grounded

It would take the swell stylings of my favorite design duo- domestic-construction- to get me blogging again! I'm saving my pennies for one of their new floor mats called grounded. The next best thing for those of us unable to have the girls create one of their exquisite custom installations in our own homes! The mats are digitally printed reproductions of Trish and Maureen's incredible paper-cuts on skid-proof rubber backings. Just peachy! xo  Find them here!
The d-c girls and their new product: grounded.


 wise mountain

wise mountain, detail



jessicajane said...

very neat!

domesticconstruction said...

thanks so much for the post Katie! you are so sweet!!!

Old School Acres said...

Those are amazing!

Syd & Harper said...

Ok these are cool!!

thea said...

Oooh yes, these are fascinating!!



pussman said...

Fantastic work! i am so happy to have discovered this site!
Thanks for sharing all thes lovely things.
I found you by googling Julie Arkell.