Thursday, March 24, 2011

Storybook Cottage Home for Sale: Dallas, Texas

My sister Meredith's darling home is on the market! I've wanted to share her sweet home on my blog for a long time...but she has a busy family with two young finally here it is and it could be yours!  Its located in the coziest area called Lower Greenville complete with great neighbors, sidewalk cafes,  boutiques, and great schools. See the listing here for more photos and information. I know they are sad to leave this home and their beloved friends and neighbors...but look out Austin, here come the Gentners! xo
The sweetest home in Dallas, Texas
(If I do say so myself!)

Her living room looks like its torn from a magazine spread.
She is a vintage restorer extraordinaire!

Dining Room
Breakfast Nook
Family Room
Master Bedroom
One of two upstairs bedrooms.
Side Porch. 
I love all the nooks and crannies of this home.
Click here for the listing information


Heidi said...

Adorable! Having lived in Dallas and moved to Austin (and then onto many other cities including Chicago where I now reside), I can appreciate her situation. Austin is such a blast, but might be difficult to replace such a charming vintage home because of the lack of older inventory there. I tell ya after the winter we have had, I would so love to move back to either city! Good luck to your sister!

On a side note I see that you designed the Blue Cardinal Blog ~ just met Alison at our IL Blog Girl's Gathering ~ It's a small blog world after all!

It has been a too long since I have come by your blog ~ love the new mid-century home you moved into as well ~ looks very much like one a few blocks from our current home that I have had my eye on, in case it goes up for sale!

shopSCAD said...

So nice! Meredith this looks perfect- so clean and pretty and serene. I am super impressed! I am sure you will make your next home just as lovely! XO

jen storer said...

If I could ride my bike from dallas to melbourne every morning i would be rushing for my glomesh purse Right Now!! x

Amy @ Flowery Fashion said...

Adorable! I love, love, love Lower Greenville. I'm sure someone will scoop this house up soon!

little yellow apple said...

Oh my goodness Katie I want to move into your sister's house!! Love the bedrooms, the front porch the whole color palette she has going on in her can we make TX closer to IN? :)

Heather said...

so fantastic! i'll share this listing with a couple friends looking in that area :)
best of luck!

melissa loves said...

Oy! it has been waaay too long since I have visited your lovely neck o' the woods dear Katie! I adore your new header and pretty hun! This house is gorgeous, that little breakfast nook is my dream come true....thanks for sharing it hun! Hope you are well!

kim23 said...
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