Friday, April 8, 2011

Strawberry Swing Craft Fair- Kansas City!

So, my incredible friend, Heather Baker, of Bebe & Alice is organizing a Super Indie Craft Fair to be held this summer in Kansas City! She kindly allowed me to design the poster- actually more of a collaboration in the end-so fun- and in the process I actually ended up with three versions. The one above being the third and my favorite. But she's posted all three on the Strawberry Swing blog and we would love your input on which one you think is most successful! I'm really hoping to make it down to K.C. for the Swing, Heather has planned for much fun and handmade goodness! Visit the blog here for more info on attending/vendors/sponsoring! xo


Heather said...

the best.
that's Y-O-U!

jen storer said...

I love it Katie! I have cast my vote... jx

gina said...

hey - that's my neck of the woods! if it's not too creepy to suggest...let me know if you're going to attend & maybe we could try to meet up if I'm in town.

p.s. I love the poster design :)

shopSCAD said...

This one is my fav for sure although I do love the banner on the other. You are so good KT

Jen O. said...

This does mean you ARE coming to see your sister and fam right?!?!?