Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diana Fayt

I love Diana Fayt's ceramics. I love the unaffected sweetness of her line drawings that are somehow burnished in the clay. And, how lucky are Heather and Benjamin?? I dream about purchasing my own kiln someday! Diana doesn't know this, but she helps me keep the dream alive! Her available works are listed in her Etsy shop here.


Meg said...

I love her work, especially the blue plate. Her glow bowls are on my covet list.

Anonymous said...

the most exquisite pottery I have ever seen, hands down.

you always share the coolest things, katie =)

amy said...

This looks like the pottery you used to make- the stripes,etching, birds, so reminiscent of some of my cherished vintage Katie Runnels ceramics!
Amy Z.