Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Visit to ShopSCAD!

Sweet Kyle Millsap surprised me by creating this display of my new work! Can you see the yarn garland he strung up above my yarn wreaths! So sweet! Thank you, Kyle!

Kyle Millsap is adorable! He is also a very talented visual merchandiser and artist-visit his website here.
The popular Plush-Kill plaques by Jessica Knapp

Top to bottom: Jennifer Jenkins Quilts and notecards, Michelle Berg-Radford Pillows, A House in the South by Paula S. Wallace, Ted Pendant Lights by Domestic Construction.

ShopSCAD candles, soap, and lip balm by Kate Callaway-Bethel.
Large stitched work, Ivory Clean by Courtney Shelton.

Mixed-media painting by Tiffani Taylor.

Untitled by Adam Smith

ShopSCAD jewelry- could be its very own shop!

Cuff and Bunny Bracelets by Megan Clark

American Women Flashcards by Camden St. Claire

Note Totes by Caydn Mosch

Gorgeous mixed media painting by Denise Falk.

Large drawing by the amazing Stephanie Howard.
Prints at left by Kyle Millsap, my Cardinal Bell Jar on right.

Large ink on paper drawing by Stephanie Howard.
I cannot get over her incredible work!
Sorry about the reflection!

Super sweet Baby Crowns by Stitchmouth (Molly Evans)

I love these works from the Paper Doll Series by Emily Cox
Paper Doll Series by Emily Cox

Working Class melamine.

I could go on posting photos forever!! But I'm afraid the rest are just too blurry! The shopSCAD landscape is forever changing and you never know what handmade treasure you will find on your next visit! Thanks for your hospitality, shopSCAD! Many thanks to Amy Zurcher, Kyle Millsap and Whitney Dail!


knackstudio said...

These are just mouth watering!! Can that sweet man come do my windows for me?!! I need help with displays:) Your wreaths look so great....... just fantastic stuff!! I'm ready to go to Savannah!!

blue moss said...

your wreaths look fab-u-lous in the window!! All your pics looked so great--I am dying to go to the SCAD store!!

S.HOPtalk said...

shopSCAD looks amazing and I absolutely *love* your wreaths in the window. I also spotted the daily candy post yesterday and was sooooo excited for you. Congrats!

amy said...

Thank you
Katie! It was a thrill to have the constant gatherer at shopSCAD! Please come again soon-
We love you!
Amy Z