Thursday, July 17, 2008

At home with Amy Zurcher

Tuesday night I drove to visit my best friend, Amy Zurcher and her sweet family in Savannah. Amy and I have been friends -through thick and thin-for almost fifteen years now! Amy is the director of shopSCAD in Savannah, Atlanta, and online. You would not believe how many hats she wears on a daily basis! She has always been a very private person but luckily I have been privvy to several of her charming homesteads through the years. Here are some peeks at the beautiful and artful home she has created with her husband, Randy and their sweet son, B.Z. Amy has always been a collector of vintage treasures, outsider art, and she and Randy cherish their family heirlooms. All of this is evident in the details you see below. I only wish I knew how to take better photographs-I apologize for the grainy ones! Thank you for sharing your home with me, Zurcher family! xo
Entry hall
Ceramic bowl by Tiffani Taylor
Framed art by Denise Falk

Dining Room
Amy revamped a store-bought chandelier and vintage mirror with
glossy white paint-both are stunning!
Art reflected in mirror by Denise Falk.

The sweetest still life created with found items she has
carried with her through many moves from Indiana, to New York,
then Arkansas, to San Francisco, and Savannah!

Corner shelf in Dining Room

Living Room with B.Z.

Pretty collection of vintage milk glass, hobnail glass,
ironstone, and cream pottery.

Hallway display of family photos. Antique church pew. The photo ledges are actually vintage iron bed rails Randy skillfully mounted on the wall for Amy!

B.Z.'s big boy bed covered in vintage chenille dots! Amy painted and stenciled the numbers on the vintage metal lockers.

Almost life-sized giraffe from
I love the vintage pony bouncer they found!
Yes- that is my camera strap-sorry!!

B.Z. loves his bright and cheery room! Rug tiles by Flor. Amy made an awesome mustard cubby shelf for B.Z. to park his trucks by painting a wooden shoe organizer!. The vintage daisy painting was handed down from Amy's mother- who claims to have repainted the vase to match the decor whenever she redecorated! Don't you love her, too!?

Artwork by Sarah Smith hangs from two old rusty office clips!

Unhappy with another pre-exisiting store bought light fixture
Amy covered the shades on her bathroom wall light with white linen.

She also made a special mirror for B.Z. to reach from a vintage measuring stick which is printed with the golden rule "Do unto others.." So sweet!

The master bedroom is a sanctuary in browns, creams and greens.
Bedspread and curtains from Pottery Barn. Throw blanket by Utility Canvas.

I adore these bird prints!

Amy's dresser. Ceramic canister by Tiffani Taylor. Bird still-life in a Mason jar by Alicia Minton. Mixed media collage by me. (Did I mention that other than my folks- Amy has the most profound and historic collection of my work?! ) Thank you, Amy!
Antique weathered sideboard in bedroom is an heirloom from Randy's family brought all the way from Oklahoma. Hanging birdcage is one of many pieces from Amy's collection of art by Betty Basket-an artist she found by chance off a dirt road in Arkansas.

Even the laundry room is wonderful! Giant vintage metal lamp came from Arkansas. The counter top is an old wooden door. I love that she keeps her washing powder in an old enamel pot.

Pretty Amy herself- Caught in a moment of repose! We ran around the entire day! Thanks for indulging me in all my favorite Savannah haunts! I'll share our one-day whirlwind in the following posts! Painting by Lori Jean Corbus.


Tiffani Taylor said...


I am thrilled you so skillfully captured Amy's BEAUTIFUL, magical sanctuary!! She is amazing and I am so happy to see her Nest and bebe Billy on your wonderful blog.

I completely agree: Even her laundry room is amazing!!



Linda Crispell said...

What an inspiring home. I love the mantel with the abundance of milk glass.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Amy I now feel like I live in a hovel w/ Shrek and his offspring and to come visit me in Kansas City and fix my home! So amazing! Your talents combined are mind shattering! Thanks for sharing.

Suzan Buckner said...

Hello! My name is Suzan, and I ran across your WONDERFUL blog by typing in "outsider art". I will definitely be adding you to my blogroll!

Anyway--I have some pictures on my blog ( that I was wondering if YOU or your friend Amy can look at, and leave a comment on--I believe they are true Naive Outsider Art (explanation in blog post). I usually don't ask this type of thing from someone I don't know, but I really would appreciate a collector's opinion. This isn't spam--I am a real artist, who just needs some help.

Thank you!!
Suzan Buckner

Pamela Buckley said...

wonderful blog kt!
made me miss you, amy z and savannah! it's also my first time to see the new a.z. house in such detail... it looks incredible!!
lovely job!!

Liz Demos said...

That Amy is so modest. Her house is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

how can I convince Amy to decorate my homestead as well?
hmmmm.....her place is a haven of treasures! little B had gotten so big!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pix! can you tell me where the footed basket on the dining room table is from?? i have been searching for one just like it for awhile! thanks!-- rachel