Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Gillis-Kansas City

Happy Gillis is an incredible little restaurant and hang out in the downtown Rivermarket area of Kansas City. Opened fairly recently by husband and wife team, Todd Schulte and Tracy Zinn-who also run The Happy Soupeater- a super popular soup delivery service! The food was super fresh and tasty- Go there and be happy!
Happy Gillis

The lineup. I covet their orange velvet couch!
We ran into some familiar faces! Do you remember Alicia and Jim Girardeau-Sen. Obama's watch-party hosts during the convention!

Really cozy and quaint vintage decor.

My lunch: The absolute tastiest hummus, walnut, feta tartine!
My mother's yummy curried chicken sandwich with toasted cashews and a bowl of roasted tomato soup! My sister had the mozzarella with basil pesto and peperonata panini. We were all in heaven!

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julie said...

Thanks for the recommendation - this looks like a great place to try out! I live in Kansas City and have not heard about it yet. Love your blog and your work!