Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Curious Sofa

I was so excited to finally visit the new location of The Curious Sofa-now located in Prairie Village, KS. We experienced the shop in its full Halloween regalia! There were so many creative details to take in. I must have walked around the store ten times! I was suddenly too shy to say hello or introduce myself to the owner, Debbie Dusenberry. So, Debbie if you read this-Thank you! You are an inspiration! 3925 W. 69th Terrace, Prairie Village, Kansas 913.432.8966
Visit Debbie's blog for better photos and behind the scenes peeks!

Beautiful windows!

Love the glitter spiders on parade in the bed! My worst nightmare!
Incredible antique patchwork tin ceiling!

Beautiful bed-linens with baby ghost dresses flying overhead! I had to buy a few feather owls to make some more spooky wreaths!

My favorite vignette was the enormous dollhouse which had landed on the wicked witch-complete with blowing tattered curtains.

My sister Jennifer works up her Halloween door-answering act.

I love this giant crocheted pendant lamp-made festive with fluffy white owls.

The ladies powder room was my favorite spot! The prettiest pale wallpaper, found wood wainscoting, and an amazing pair of seashell sconces. (Apologies- my photos just don't do any of it justice!!)


Linda Crispell said...

I am already quite antsy to visit South Carolina's fine shop, now I have to add Kansas City to my list. The chairs and desk in the salvage shop are fantastic. Enjoy your visit and thanks for sharing. I am sure the owner of the Curious Sofa will be sorely disappointed upon learning that you were in her store and didn't introduce yourself.

amy said...

I want to live in this powder room!

Amy Z.

blue moss said...

i want to go there!

ginny said...

I so enjoyed seeing the photos of this wonderful store. Great displays make a store and are as inspiring as the products themselves. Great pictures!

Curious Sofa said...

Katie, Thanks for the great commentary on my shop and never be too embarrassed to introduce yourself! I owe my success to customers like you. Thanks for visiting.
(Don't forget us at Xmas-)

Heather said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE you were just there, in Curious Sofa in PV, Kansas. I followed your footsteps a month later...I was back in PV, KS (my hometown) visiting my sister and helping her with a wedding (she is a floral designer there). Yes, I visit that shop whenever I am "home". Amazing, isn't it? So funny you posted the picture of the powder room. I remember looking in there and commenting on how lovely it was!