Monday, September 8, 2008

Melissa Loves...New Blog!

Melissa, the jewelry designer behind Luckylife: Acts of Kindness has created a new blog! You may already know her (and this news) if you are a regular reader (like me!) of Creature Comforts- where she has contributed her talents with a regular guest post every Friday. I always love her picks and she is just such a sweet spirit and supportive friend-I feel blessed just to know her! Visit the new blog here and view her Etsy shop here! There is also a fantastic interview to learn more about Melissa here! Its incredible to see what happens when two talented ladies (EZ and Melissa) put their heads together!

I adore this sweet elephant!

1 comment:

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh sweet Katie.....what a complete doll you are!
Thank you soooo much for all this love and support!
It means the world to me. And coming from such a talented sweetheart like yourself.....? Amazing.
You just made my whole month, easy!