Friday, May 15, 2009

Anne Siems

Today I'm busy trying to make sure I have all the elements in order for my workshop in Greenville tomorrow! (There is still time to join-see here!) So I'll leave you for the weekend with the incredible paintings of Anne Siems. I fell in love with her work years ago when her works on paper were featured in New American Paintings. Her paintings have evolved in the years since is a small snapshot of the progression. Visit her website for a more complete view with additional detail shots (her details are exquisite!) xo
48" x 48" 2008

Bird Medium
54" x 72" 2008

40" x 40" 2007
Observer, detail
40" x 40" 2007

Choral Apples
40" x 52" 2007

Gainsborough Girls
40" x 40" 2006

40" x 40" 2006

Sheep Mask
40" x 40" 2006

Red Rose on Head
30" x 25" 2005

-Artist's Statement by Anne Siems


Gemma Mortlock said...

wow she is great!
I love the textures and attention to detail, she reminds me of an early Dali but with darker tones mixed with a touch of Frida Kohl. Very Inspiring!

Meg said...

I think those some of the most beautiful painting ever. Need to research her! Do you have any idea how much her work runs?

Karen said...

Great paintings and what a lovely blog you have!

sew nancy said...

thanks so much for writing about her
i am off to check out her site

kara said...

Amazing! Thanks KAtie!

Dany said...

Amazing! I love hisworks and I also saw this artistwork at Jacana gallery in Vancouver!!