Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kipper Millsap has a Dandy New BloG!

I've been meaning to tell you to be sure to check out my favorite Man-Craft Magician, Kyle Millsap's new blog: Kipper Millsap! Remember Kyle's adorable place from back when? He's also the Visuals Manager at you know he's swimming with creative ideas...and he's sharing them!! So, scooch over Mr. Oldham, and make room for your new bff....Kipper Millsap! xo
Kyle's own collage header shows off his mad vintage-inspired graphic design skillz! I adore his style!

Visit Kipper Millsap to learn how to build your own display pegboard!

Kyle's Millsap original bedazzled bow-tie.
Learn how to make your own just in time to make Father's Day Fabulous!
Kyle Millsap. Hello, handsome.
Kyle is the only man I've ever met who can completely rock
a brooch and he can show you how!


jan said...

looks awesome!

Kipper Millsap said...

You sneaky devil! Ah! Katie, thank you! You are too sweet to post this. After all, you are the inspiration for so much that I do. Thank you X a bajillion!

pammalu said...

don't make me love him more than I already do or I'll explode with joyness!