Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sponsorship Rates

Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of The Constant Gatherer! If you think your shop or service is a good match for my readers, please let me know! Email me at or use the Say Hello link. Thank you!

Please feel free to check out my statistics by clicking here or on the Sitemeter button at the very bottom of the blog. I have an ever-growing readership of wonderfully creative, industrious, friendly
(and mostly) women!

I have been fortunate to grow my blog thanks to the generosity of Grace Bonney at Design*Sponge who has featured my work, featured me as a guest blogger, and commissioned me to create her cake-topper that was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2009 issue. My readership is always noticeably higher and more active when I make contributions to other blogs or have my work or tutorials featured by larger blogs. I have contributed to Artsy Mama's Year of Color and my next DIY project is scheduled to run on Decor8 this holiday season 2009. My blog is also kindly linked from the AmaZing blog of Mary Engelbreit-which is a complete honor!

If you are interested in showing your support in other ways- please feel free to email me about swapping links! xo

Ad rates:

I have two spots above the fold that are available on a first come, first serve basis. They are to be 200 x 200 pixels or smaller-jpg, png, or gif file. Rotating gifs will be considered. These spots are offered at $45. for 30 days or $108. for 90 days (20% discount- due up front).
*Currently No spots available above the fold*

More spots are available below the fold or 800 pixels from the top of the blog (currently underneath my sponsor button). 200 x 100 pixels- $25. for 30 days or $60 for 90 days (20% discount-due up front).

After we agree on your ad image and terms an invoices will be sent to you via Paypal and I mark my calendar for 30 or 90 days from the date! Your ad will appear  on the blog the same day I receive your payment. I'll send you a reminder a few days in advance of day 30 to find out if you'd like to continue with your sponsorship.

If you're interested or have further questions- please contact me!

Thank you, xo katie