Friday, July 31, 2009

Laura Terry

I'm honored to feature the work of a fellow SCAD alumna, Laura Terry. Laura is not only a painter, but she has served as an Associate Professor of Architecture at The University of Arkansas since 1999. Her abstract paintings celebrate the Southern landscape and are further storied by her interest in the fiction of its women writers. I must also add that this multi-talented artist is currently building an incredible modern studio in the cozy wilderness of her property in Arkansas. She's collaborated on her new studio or L.A.B. (Laura's Art Box) with architect, Bradley Edwards. Visit her website and her Etsy shop for more info! Thanks, Laura!xo
Split the Field
12" x 12"

The Melliferous Miss Thistle
12" x 12" oil and mixed media on panel

Bye, Bye Blackbird
Paradise Lost Series

Lace Curtains
12" x 16"

Ladies in Waiting
Natural Wonders Series

L.A.B. (Laura's Art Box)
almost finished!

L. A. B. entrance view
Will you build me one next??
She'll have to give us a tour when its finished! xo

Applique Your Way by Kayte Terry

I'm getting ready to preorder a few copies of Kayte Terry's new book, Applique Your Way, being published by Chronicle Books this fall! I always love Kayte's projects and I can't wait to see the new ideas in this book! She was also super kind and asked a few artists to contribute to the book. I can't thank her enough for including me as one of them! I have several book proposals I've been working on and I pray this might help my chances of finding a publisher one day. Thank you, Kayte! I can't wait! xo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night I spent over an hour marveling at the found photos, ephemera, and collage art of Angelica Paez in her Flickr collection, Swapatorium. The photos in this album (and the sampling below) are from her personal collection and are not for sale, however she maintains an online shop, Snapatorium with loads more that are! xo

I think this would make a great painting.

I'd like to shop this photo!

These Ladies Bowl for Schlitz
I love how their hands were uniformly staged.

Photos thanks to Angelica Paez and used with permission.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Elsa Mora's The Hidden Seed

Today while browsing Flickr I came across these vibrant photos of artist, Elsa Mora and they lead me to her style blog, The Hidden Seed. I was initially head over heals for her amazing color and style but after reading her reasons for starting the blog...and well I can identify and its got me all verklempt. The amazing Elsita that we all know and love is afterall, human-- just like the rest of us. Thank you for being my inspiration and motivation today, Elsa! xoxo

Photos copyright Elsa Mora
Visit The Hidden Seed.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Spruce Home

The revamped vintage finds from everyones Etsy favorite, Spruce Home- located in fabulous Austin, Tx - make my head hurt from longing. Check out their home accessories shop, Spruce Home Must Haves too! xo
Oh Deer Wingback Chair
with Skinny Laminx fabric!

Mid Century Lemonade Chairs-pair
Seeeriously considering a bargain with the devil for these!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pam Garrison's Sampler Work

I have really enjoyed seeing what Pam Garrison has created with her stitching samplers! She has taken the beloved tradition and transformed it in her funky modern way...incorporating it in several types of design work...just see some of her projects below! And- of course, there's much more to swoon over on her blog and Flickr! xo
Sewing Machine Cover
(made from Ikea Pillowcase!)

Felt Cottage made in Charlotte Lyon's class at this years artFiberfest

Detail of Pam's Felt Cottage

Detail of mushroom on Felt Cottage
I adore her worn vintage sequins!

A stitching sampler she assembled 'just for fun'...
I think its frameworthy!

Stitching a Sampler
I love how she incorporates the millinery bits!