Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harry Underwood

I saw this still life on Poppytalk and my heart began racing.
That painting of a woman playing the accordion...reads 'Sing to me softly'. I had to find out who was responsible! The artist is Harry Underwood-thank you to Marusica for sharing her awesome home and art...see here for more of her Nashville home.

Paintings by 'contemporary, educated folk artist' Harry Underwood...
Southern Energy Home


Every Little Star


Sing Softly
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Loretta Lux

Here is a sampling of Loretta Lux's masterful photographic portraiture using real children, staged scenery (often her own paintings), and subtle computer wizardry. I am always drawn to simplified paper-doll or sticker-like flat depictions of subjects. In fact, I wish I knew where all those much labored-over sticker books from my childhood were hidden away. xo
© 2004 Loretta Lux

© 2006 Loretta Lux

© 2006 Loretta Lux

The Waiting Girl
© 2006 Loretta Lux

Hidden Rooms 1
© 2001 Loretta Lux

Study of a Boy 1
© 2002 Loretta Lux

Thursday, March 26, 2009

handwoven thread earrings...

by Sincear Jewelry on Etsy...I'm loving the seventies chic colors. Her prices are incredible...and she's currently having a buy one, get one free with complimentary shipping offer! xo

Heather Louise

I'm grateful to my friend Susan Porter for introducing me to Heather Louise Handmade Dolls. Vibrant and storied...each doll completely stitched and embellished by hand using found and thrifted fabrics and treasures. Visit her here: {Etsy} {Blog} {Website} xo
Cupcake Marie
Available @ Crown and Crumpet

Tea and Bee Marie
Available @ Crown & Crumpet

Seven Pearls Baroque Doll
Heart Made of Felt Collection

Untitled Kitty
The Antwerp Collection

Italian Fox with Brown Stockings
Heart Made of Felt Collection

Pink Cat Dutch Doll
Odd Doll Collection

Maria with White Doves
Vecht River Doll-2oo6

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jenny Hart

Fantastic embroidered portraits by Sublime Stitching owner and artist, Jenny Hart. You know her well...so nuff' said! xo {blog} {Flickr}
Dolly Parton
15" x 17", 2003
hand embroidery on cotton panel

Private Collection

18" x 20", 2002
hand-embroidery on cotton
Collection of Janet Joseph

Roger Miller
13" x 15", 2003
hand embroidery and sequins on cotton panel
Collection of the Roger Miller Museum in Erick, Oklahoma

Blue Lass
18" x 24", 2004-Collaboration with Dame Darcy
hand embroidery on cotton panel
Private Collection

Dirty Face, Crowning Glory
17" x 18", 2003
hand embroidery on cotton panel

Collection of Dan Ferarra

Images in post © Jenny Hart

Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturdays in May workshops...

Happy Monday! I am busy with some new projects today...trying my hand at mixed-media paper mache sculptures. Thanks to the great ladies in Greenville, SC at Flatiron Studios- Teresa Roche of Art and Light and Barb Blair of Knack Studios- I will be leading a Saturday workshop in May on how to make woodland inspired sculptures like the one below. They have also invited the incredible Jessica Gonacha to teach printmaking, and the talent behind Royal Buffet to share their wonder-making paper skills! My date is May 16 at the Flatiron Studios in Greenville, SC from 10am-noon. All materials will be provided...just bring yourself or a friend. I believe the cost is only $45. for each class! I'll let you know the dates of the others asap. Contact Teresa at Art and Light to sign up -also stay tuned for more accurate updates on her blog. xo

Woodland Terrarium with Green worm.
Mixed Media Paper Mache.
Coming soon to my Etsy shop! xo

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emma Lamb

Knitters, crocheters, and those gifted with impeccable sewing skill truly fascinate me! Such an artist as this is UK textile designer, Emma Lamb. I am silly for her octagonal crocheted cushion covers! I love her 'granny-inspired' color combinations of 100% linen yarn and the sweet detail of the button closures and floral tag. Her line of one-of-a-kind embroidered fabric cards are intricately layered works of art...truly gifts on their own. {Etsy} {Blog} p.s. Happy Birthday, Emma! xo
molly... octagon granny cushion cover

Isobel - octagon granny cushion cover

ruby... octagon granny cushion cover

mavis... octagon granny cushion cover

envious elephant... embroidered card

mum...fabric gift card

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nina Bagley

Many of you may already know the talented magpie jewelry artist, Nina Bagley and her beautiful online journal, Ornamental. I've had her in my links from the beginning but only now am I finally sharing her work with you. Sometimes I have to work up the nerve! And I didn't have trouble finding my courage to contact Nina after I caught up with her recent work involving my favorite-nests! Tattered bits of antique fabric and lace fashioned into nests complete with button and bauble eggs. It feels as though we stumbled upon a similar current of ideas for creating nests and nesting...so I was compelled to contact her right away! Thank you, Nina! Wishing I could meet you for tea! xo
Nest in Blue Necklace
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Nest of Stitches Necklace
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Gatherings of Miss Havisham Collection
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Cherish and My heart goes into the Wind
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My Heart Goes into the Wind, back detail

Nest Locket
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*Photographs and art copyright Nina Bagley*

Vivienne Strauss Embroidered Paintings

Everyone loves Vivienne Strauss' illustrative painting style and oh, my... how fetching is the translation to her embroidered work?! A few were made for a group showing last month's Gallery Hanahou "Forget-Me-Not" embroidery show and are available here and here. xo

Miss Kitty Departs on a Voyage