Monday, June 30, 2008

Royal Buffet

I love all of the vintage-papery goodness offered at Royal Buffet! Check out all the new handmade pieces made from old French magazines and record jackets! If you need an affordable and cheerful fix to liven up a corner of your world or a gift to please that finicky artist friend- visit the shop!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kayte Terry

Kayte Terry is living the life of my dreams! She's an artist first and foremost and she works on the most amazing creative projects as a freelance stylist and visual merchandiser in NYC! Her clients include the likes of Anthropologie, Brooks Brothers, Adorn, and Craft Stylish Magazine. I am eagerly awaiting her new book, Complete Embellishing, due out next month (pre-order here). Here is but a teeny-weeny sampling of her extraordinary portfolio of artwork. Care to crush out on Kayte with me? Visit her blog This is Love Forever, her Etsy shop, and her new series of posts for Craft Stylish here! Her imagination rocks my world! xo
Red Snapper
Mixed fabrics, embroidery, and wood plaque

Burgers and Fries
Felt and fabric

Big Breakfast
Felt and Fabric

Handmade Eye Pillows with
Organic Lavender and flaxseed
Available here.

la marelle

I found the sweetest goodies via Nathalie Létés website (joy!). La Marelle is a French publishing company that sells the licensed artwork of several exciting artists on its many lovely products- mainly bags, ceramics, and stationery. Here are some pieces I'm especially fond of...

Sylvette's Shopping Bag
Nathalie Lété

Note card
Sophie Leblanc
Crocus in the Meadows -Jute Bag
Mlle. Héloïse

Composition Book

Mother's Pink Suitcase
Mlle. Héloïse

My Treasure-magnet

My Red Bird- Magnet
Nathalie Lété

Note card
Sophie Adde

Lauranne Quentric

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Leslie Hall

Amy Zurcher of shopSCAD introduced me to the work of Leslie Hall, an artist best known for her flashy gold pants and killer hand-beaded gem sweaters. She is also an awesome rapper/singer, performance artist, and painter! She paints incredible backdrops for her performances which she later sells. A few are still available here and here! I'd wear gold lame everyday for an original Leslie Hall painting! Check out all her sites and videos for a huge dose of mid-western mayhem! Don't miss the Gallery of Glamore! (I swear I recognize some of them!)

Circus Love
76"x 112" oil on canvas available here

Singin' Songs to a Horse
62" x 101" oil on canvas -available here

La' Circus
67 " x 72 "oil on canvas a vailable here

Grandma and The Aliens
58"x 77" oil on canvas-Sold

More recent work:
Raise that Sweater: The Erection of the Largest
Gem Sweater in the World
59"x 93" acrylic on canvas
available here

The Fight for Des Moines and my Body
59"x 93 " acrylic on canvas
available here

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ted Lights

Just in case you somehow missed all the glorious press surrounding Domestic-Construction's new pendant "Ted Lights" after their showcase at Renegadelast week-here's a bit more! These fantastic vintage teacup lights are available at shopSCAD(available in-store 912.525.5180) and on their new Etsy site! I don't think I could resist just one after seeing the grouping below! (wishful*thinking!) Darn those girls are clever!


Happy Monday!! Here are some sweet and soft handmade designs for your eyes this morning! This Brooklyn artist stocks an impressive amount of original softies- dolls, doll quilts, pincushions and more in her etsy shop, Rabbitsmoon. Visit her Flickr site to see so much more!

Friday, June 20, 2008

kjoo by Maria João Ribeiro

Portuguese Graphic Designer and Fiber Artist, Maria João Ribeiro has been wow-ing everyone on Etsy with her one-of-a-kind, handcrafted felt and crocheted jewelry and accessories. I have collected some of my favorites pieces here which I've pulled together from her Etsy shop, kjoo* (available) and her Flickr site(sold). Just click on the image or text to be swept away by Maria's magic yourself!