Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kyle Millsap's Mini-Rancho Campo del' Arte

What a treat for me today to share the home/office/hideaway of the crazy talented window dresser, stylist and all-around super-duper shopSCAD Visuals Manager(pant, pant), Kyle Millsap! (I do loves me some Kipper!)
Kyle Millsap with Amy Zurcher at the shopSCAD Holiday Dinner Party last month!

I've gone on about Kyle's incredible work at shopSCAD here before- but was super excited to see updates on his living quarters- which, when I saw it last a few months back- was sad and bare. The gray days are over for this sweet little (and I do mean little-15' x 18' to be exact!) cottage in the heart of Savannah's quaint Ardsley Park!

Bitsy greets guests at the top of the stairway entrance to the apartment. Ok,Baby painting by Tim Wirth- an artist whose work Kyle has already accumulated a most impressive collection!

At the top of the stairs we get our first view of Kyle's cool boyscout kitsch collections of flags, pennants and camp gear. A collection he comes by honestly...Kyle has graduated through the ranks, from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scouts- and he's still a registered Scouter! He mounted an apartment-friendly peg board along the far wall to house his ever-expanding art collection.

Kyle keeps his dandy footwear in sight and at the ready for walkin' his Dogie.

Bitsy rests her sweet self on the the perfect Ikea couch solution for this small space. Kyle found his sweet little coffee table on the side of the road. The colorful handmade quilt over the back of the couch was made by his Great-Grandmother Patrick. The hanging flag pennant was made by Kyle's good friend, Haylie Bird Waring.

I spy some art favorites up there- like Jay Schmetz, Yoswadi Krutklom, and a big screenprint by Jen Jenkins. Can you find the taxidermied blowfish lantern?!

The office corner with his antique desk (dated 1903 in pencil) found at Habersham Antiques in Savannah. This lucky cowboy has a flat screen in his pup tent! Yup, there's another Tim Wirth painting!

Kyle scavenged the wood crates from Keller's Flea Market for $5. each to create a cozy and oddball modern headboard with storage for all his loot! The vintage chenille blanket was found in Little Rock, Ar. The handmade pillow is by Rebecca Davison- available, of course, at shopSCAD!
So nice, I show it twice!

Kyle's Kitchenette- compact storage for his swamp-seed, whistle-berries & eatin' irons. (A former closet and I'm to tell you...a work in progress. Looks perfect to me!)

The layout (them's tight quarters!)
I'm so impressed, Kyle! Thank you for sharing!
Visit Kyle at shopSCAD in Savannah! xo

NYrika Knit Coverall Hats

Would it be wrong to have a baby in order to dress one in these adorable coverall knit hats? I think it might be criminal not to! They are handmade in a soft non-scratchy baby yarn by Nurika Y. Khegay in New York and available in her Etsy shop. Maybe I could wrestle one on my cat? xo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bedtime won't be the same...

Dear Internet,
Tonight, going to bed isn't going to be nearly as fun without my nightly chuckle from that endearing red-head, Conan O'Brien. His final Tonight Show Friday night was pretty perfect...including these remarks...
Image art via Old Sweet Song.

I will boycott the returning Tonight Show in my proud and insignificant show of support for Coco. There. Now I feel better. xo

Friday, January 22, 2010

Knackage Delivered!

Did you know that Barb at Knack has her incredible one-of-kind inventory online in her Etsy shop and can ship affordably coast to coast! Well, in case you didn't, now you do! xo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sabine Timm

Here are some cheerful images brought to you by German artist and illustrator, Sabine Timm! I adore her colorful and naive style...it reminds me fondly of Nathalie Lete! Here is a small sampling from her Flickr album of work including her sketchbook pages, original paintings and papercuts. Her paintings are currently featured and can be purchased at Sebastian Foster Gallery. Have a lovely day! xo

(the first time I've squealed over bunny poops!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

I found these prayers from Father Jean Jadotte, associate pastor of Miami's Notre Dame D'Haiti parish on the Catholic Relief Services website and I thought I'd share them with you.
AP photo by Ricardo Arduengo

We are praying for hope despite this situation, that even as we face darkness, people may see a pinpoint of light.

Praying for families.

Pray for a greater conscience among everyone not just in Haiti but all over that we must do something [to help].

Pray for a spirit of thanksgiving for international agencies for their good heart and good faith.

Pray for relief workers to have a spirit of patience and perseverance.

For those who at this time are in search of meaning in their lives and peace.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Golden Anniversary!

This is a Very Happy Anniversary Wish
to my darling Aunt Nancy (my mom's sis!)and Uncle Ivan Borbas
who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday!

Los Angeles
(The wedding photographer's camera malfunctioned
and this is one of the few photos of their wedding day!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Joanna Maclennan Photography

While researching Aurelie Alvarez for a previous post, I came to know the equally talented photographer behind the enchanting photos of her work: Joanna Maclennan. Her photographs have appeared in House & Garden, The London Times, Maison Française, and Maison de Campagne to name just a few! So, in a series of emails between us, Joanna kindly took the time to share her story with me and I'm extremely honored to share it with you here. She is most definitely a constant gatherer of life through her photographer's lens!
Adam Calkin Interior- Bath, England

Joanna was born in Sussex, England and did a lot of traveling around Asia and Australia in her twenties before settling in London at age 22. She held a bevy of odd jobs there, from nanny to restaurant and hotel jobs, which gave also provided her with plenty hard-won experiences. She then took a leap of faith and took a photography course in India with David Bathgate and it was there that she decided that her heart had finally found its calling.
Vox Populi in Avignon- a lifestyle atelier by Pascale Palun
view and read more about this amazing place here!

Vox Populi Atelier and Brocante in Avignon

Vox Populi Atelier and Brocante, Avignon

At 28 she left London to work in a friend's pub in Bath where she could also spend time finding a position as a photographer's assistant. Patrons of the pub led her to the acclaimed Peter Woloszynski (an international photographer who works with a number of book and magazine publishers including Chronicle, Random House, Elle Decor, and World of Interiors) whom she later found out wasn't in need of an assistant, but so taken by her enthusiasm and in turn taught her the art of Interior Photography. She worked with Woloszynski for several years before striking out on her own merely two years ago.

Joanna relocated to the South of France (where her mother was now based) where she braved her first meetings with executives in Paris barely speaking a word of French. By her second meeting she had sold her first article! She and boyfriend, Mike Sajnoski (also an artist) now call Saint Rémy de Provence thier home base where they chronicle their on-going travels and work experiences in their blog, Attention, Cheri!

Hidden Treasures- France

An artist's house in a village near Avignon

Vignette from an artist's house in a village near Avignon

While Joanna is primarily interested in Interior Photography, she also has an extensive collection of personal and portraiture work- such as M. Miane Coiffeur (see above). She finds a soulful beauty and importance in capturing the people, places and things that are forgotten or soon-to-be forgotten, their environment, and memories. She still relies on her trusty Hasselblad-medium format- camera and natural light for carefully documenting these pieces.

Joanna's most recent collaborative efforts are with the Association, FACE (lead by Artist, Monte Laster) who are working alongside residents to document their lives in La Courneuve- a community in peril on the outskirts of Paris. The project will next focus on folks in similar situations in New York and D.C. and while the object is to capture these folks in their homes and real lives, the situation can often pose danger to the crew. (Be safe, Joanna!!)
To view more of Joanna's work, visit her website: JoannaMaclennan.com. She is currently represented in Italy by Living Inside (I highly recommend viewing this site!) or can be contacted personally through her website.
Thank you, Joanna! oxo