Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Larime Loom

I've long admired the handspun yarns from Italian artist, Lucia Squillari of Larime Loom. Now, I'm wishing I had the figure to pull off one of her darling original dresses. Lucia is only 21 and she is the spinner, weaver, seamstress, designer and model behind Larime Loom. What talent! xo

Monday, May 25, 2009

thank you...

Today I am mindful and grateful for the brave men and women who have served and are serving in our protective forces. These images are from Savannah artist, Ellen Susan's, Soldier Portrait series. The project is an ongoing documentation of active-duty soldiers using a Civil War era collodion wet-plate process of portrait photography.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Zee Avi "Bitter Heart"

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I've been traveling with my husband to see his family in Indianapolis! Here is a music video from the musical darling, Zee Avi...thank you to Alicia for introducing me! xo

Barbara Bechtel's Woodland Still Life

Artist Barbara Bechtel was kind enough to send me some images of her finished woodland still life that she started in my workshop last week. It turned out wonderfully! I love how she added several other elements like a vintage found ceramic bird, text, and more mushrooms and a snail made from polymer clay! Thank you, Barbara!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

styling magician...

I haven't been able to get the work of stylist, Frank Visser and friends outta my head since Kayte Terry blogged about him a week or so ago. Visit his blog and website for the complete storyboards. xo
paper garden
photo-Karin Nussbaumer

show colour
photos- Karin Nussbaumer + Mirjam Bleeker

ship's log
photo- Sigurd Kranendonk

happy- go- lucky
photo-karin nussbaumer

room 17
photo- Ingmar Swalue

chinese spring
photo-Jossy Albertus

high up in the mountains
photo-Sigurd Kranendonk

our house
photo- Mirjam Bleeker

les enfants de #227

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Workshop...

A big thank you to the fun and talented group of women who participated in my workshop on Saturday! I couldn't have asked for a more patient or supportive group for my first workshop! I'm afraid I didn't get photos of everyone or their completed projects- so please send me some images if you have time! Thank you also to the kind Flatiron Studio mates for helping and hosting- especially Teresa Roche! xo
Artist and fellow SCAD alumna, Michelle Berg Radford.
View Michelle's beautiful Fine Art paintings here.

Barbara Bechtel was kind enough to make the trip from
Charlotte! Barbara is also a fellow SCAD alumna and mixed
media artist. Visit her sweet Etsy art and parts shops!

Barbara's Work in Progress

Barb Blair got right down to business on her bird still life.

Barb Blair's finished piece was incredible!
Visit Barb's blog today for better photos!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Anne Siems

Today I'm busy trying to make sure I have all the elements in order for my workshop in Greenville tomorrow! (There is still time to join-see here!) So I'll leave you for the weekend with the incredible paintings of Anne Siems. I fell in love with her work years ago when her works on paper were featured in New American Paintings. Her paintings have evolved in the years since is a small snapshot of the progression. Visit her website for a more complete view with additional detail shots (her details are exquisite!) xo
48" x 48" 2008

Bird Medium
54" x 72" 2008

40" x 40" 2007
Observer, detail
40" x 40" 2007

Choral Apples
40" x 52" 2007

Gainsborough Girls
40" x 40" 2006

40" x 40" 2006

Sheep Mask
40" x 40" 2006

Red Rose on Head
30" x 25" 2005

-Artist's Statement by Anne Siems