Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aurelie Alvarez

I am delighted to share the art and environment of Aurelie Alvarez. Aurelie is a French painter living in L’Isle sur la Sorgue with her partner and two daughters. She and her family live in an ancient multi-storied home-some of which they have preserved in its layered state of beautiful decay. Aurelie receives much of her inspiration from her surroundings... her studio is located in the attic above their living space. She's also influenced by Japanese blockprints and the theatrical wall decorations of the Baroque period. The following photos of her work were staged in her atelier and photographed by Aurelie's good friend and photographer Joanna Maclennan (who was most helpful in assisting me with this profile-thank you! Her profile is next!).

"My atelier is an essential vehicle in the creation of my work. Its an austere and authentic place which inspires me greatly and where I like to work and spend my time. It is a loft that is not insulated and is very cold in the winter. I have no intention of changing this environment. It is part of what I paint and I feel more and more at home within these walls. These are the walls that have been here for many centuries, they have their own history, depth, vibrations with layers of paint, which is peeling and changes colour depending upon the sunlight that hits them. They have their own mark, abandoned through time, witness to life, of which I now feel apart of. These walls guide me; giving my paintings their rawness. I also like working with the notion of 'dust', which stays like a spotless imprint, perhaps the dust of time that runs, a universal dust or perhaps the dust of my cultural heritage, which I attempt to reproduce in my paintings and my décor.
The notion of time or timelessness, also take centre place in the heart of my work. I don't attach or retell a story, only try to reproduce 'an imprint' that puts me in a place where I can dream and feel free. I am really transported by this place and I think that I owe a lot to this environment of which for me time does not exist. It is simply an invitation to travel (to be lost in another world)………" -Aurelie Alvarez
Portrait of the Artist- Aurelie Alvarez

Above photos of Aurelie and her work are copyright Joanna Maclennan.
Aurelie's work found via Poppytalk and Man Shops Globe.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thatch and Burrow

I've mentioned and snagged cool links from her several times-
so its due time for me to formally introduce...Pamela Buckley!

This is my sweet and talented friend, Pamela Buckley of Thatch and Burrow.  She is one of the loveliest and most creative girls I have ever known! She is a fellow Ozark Mountain girl currently living in Philadephia with her honey, Marc; bunny, Linus; and a few very lucky-found kitties.  Pamela creates all kinds of art objects-but her specialty is mixed media jewelry which she sells through ShopSCAD and her Etsy shop! I've collected a few of my favorite pieces below-a few of which may still be available(visit the links)! Also visit her Flickr album to learn more about Pamela and her inspirations! xo

Bird and Spoon Bracelet, detail
(Fun fact: Robert Redford purchased this from shopSCAD a few weeks ago!)

Note* This post does not even come close to being a worthy tribute to Pamela and her magic...I apologize! I'm visiting my family and working from my mother's PC-and having the darndest time!
Thanks for your patience this week! xoxo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paper Moon Photos

Hello! I'm having some technical difficulties- so here's a backup post I've dusted off! If you want to see more paper moon photos- visit the Flickr album, Only a Paper Moon! I've got some fantastic artist features I've been working on-so hopefully I'll be back with them tomorrow! Xo

This was sold by Gargantua on Ebay.
This seller always has a fantastic collection!

Braided Moon Sitter

Posted by SteveChasMar on Flickr

Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter Bird Yarn Nest Assemblage

I finally realized that my winter nest was missing a very important element...the winter. A surprise overnight snow flurry dusted her with some sparkly white glitterness. xo



back detail.

a close up.

Papier Mache Children's Magazine for All Ages! heart swells this morning as I work my way back again and again through  this most incredible treasury of art and kids and design and handmade marvels...have you seen it? Papier Mache- A free online bi-annual magazine full of wonder and light! I was marveling over the work of Barbara Berrada again when I came upon Papier Mache via Barbara's blog b/c the new edition features several pieces of her artwork and imaginings!  Its simply chock-full of the sweetest and most artful editorials and links by a collaborative effort of some truly imaginative folks!  xo

The curls- of course- and the brooch by my favorite doll artist, Eva Monleón
aka Misako Mimoko had me at Hello!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Goodies are in at the Fat Finch!

A sponsor shout-out today to let you know that new holiday items are now in stock and online at The Fat Finch! I really think I need to send the Charley Harper Bird Puzzle to a few friends who love to hunker down and get their winter jigsaw on! Thanks, Roberta! xo

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kathy P. Thompson (my favorite artist and mentor) and her brilliant Hboxes!

If you've read my blog or guest blogs for some time you may have previously read about my dear friend, artist and designer, Kathy P. Thompson. She was gracious enough to share her home with readers on Design*Sponge for my guest series of posts on the women artists who have shaped my artistic career and lifestyle.  Kathy has been in the process of developing a new business- Hboxes (H short for History) and has created a fantastic website to share her concept.

Meet Kathy P. Thompson...
I described a bit about how I came to know Kathy in my D*S post...please read here if you missed it! but I'd like to share more with you now as I feel it has been a long time coming for me to share her work and the profound influence she's had in my life.

Self-Portrait by Kathy P. Thompson
Kathy has been creating self-portraits for most of her career. My earliest style of painting was an attempt to work in a similar apologies, Kathy! All I can explain is that I was young and InSpiRed! Kathy never let on if it bothered her that I was so under her influence- a little copycat!-and let me slowly figure out my own style as I developed. She in fact invited me to exhibit in  my very first group show in her downtown studio. Kathy ignited a fire in my heart that I badly needed since leaving my first college experience after three semesters following a serious meltdown. (I'll spare you the details!)
Kathy in her downtown Fayetteville studio-where I first took classes from her and discovered the bountiful and magical magpie qualities of mixed media artist's studio.  The sight of it makes my heart sing!

 Hbox by Kathy Thompson
Kathy has been a "constant gatherer" since her childhood and her work, even her paintings contain a very object-oriented quality. She moves effortlessly between found object assemblage and sculpture, mixed media painting, and ceramic painting on molded platters and bowls and tile installations. I know Kathy's example gave me the independence to work in the same spirit.

The Hboxes above are installed at The Fayetteville Arkansas Public Library.  Kathy also designed the Library's Cafe and several other locations for the towns favorite neighborhood coffee and pastry house, Arsagas! (click on the images to enlarge!!)

Kathy's latest venture, Hboxes is- I believe- a culmination of her life's work and natural inclination to  collect and assemble the meaningful minutia of life by thoughtfully arranging the pieces in a new order that agrees to her sensibilities, and thereby developing a new understanding or appreciation. Only this time, it occurred to her that she could preserve the treasures of others so that they may enjoy and find comfort in their preservation, rather than allowing them to be lost in attics or the shuffle of everyday life.

Kathy's hands. In addition to my own mother's... I cherish and miss these hands dearly! Here she is creating a box to celebrate a couple's recent wedding using the bride's dried winter berry arrangement.

Views of Kathy's bustling studio.

These illuminated installations are two in the series of Kathy's original idea for Hboxes. Kathy embedded them in the walls as part of her incredible interior design for Fayetteville's most exquisite Italian restaurant, Bordino's(see image below). Don't miss this spot if you find yourself in Northwest Arkansas! View more interior shots of the space and the Hboxes on Bordino's website.

Interior Shot of Bordino's Dining Room Hboxes installation.

Kathy beginning construction on an Hbox.

Watch Kathy's video introduction to her Hboxes Series...
The filmmaker- Archetype Productions- together with photographer M Taylor Long did a beautiful job capturing Kathy's aesthetic and demeanor and the spirit of the Hboxes.

Kathy never boasts about her credentials but I've always been impressed and intrigued by her accomplishments as a female studio artist. I'm waiting for her to create another website that catalogs her thirty years of creations-no pressure, Kathy! I'll be sure to let you know when that's available! xo
Visit Hboxes website to get more details to commission Kathy for your very own personal work of art!