Tuesday, July 31, 2007

La Fille du Consul

I found this French artist via the ever wonderful Crust Station Blog. Delphine Roche, of Montgrand, France, inspired by wunderkammer or curiosity cabinets, creates exquisite handmade jewelry with polymer clay. I adore the cherry earrings and imagine myself looking very purty in the white coral necklace at my wedding! Visit her blog, La Fille du Consul for more! Click on "The Consul's Daughter" on the right for the translation.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tara Donovan

I only recently discovered this Brooklyn artist's work via the internet. I would love to see the work of Tara Donovan in person. She creates the most impressive and interesting forms that are so simple yet other-worldly. They become even more so when you realize what they're made from. She uses everyday mundane items like tape, toothpicks, buttons, cups and straws. I am completely in awe! See more at these galleries: Ace Gallery and Pace Wildenstein.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Vintage Coloring Book Cards

I finally got on the gocco wagon! I have always wanted to screenprint and this easy little printing machine called a Gocco(pronounced like loco) allows me to finally be able to do so! I am offering a set of three cards of different designs I found in an old E-Z coloring book. They can be left alone or colored in-you decide! Click here to see more.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Green Vase

I found a website today for an amazing floral designer and stylist via Oh, Joy!. The work of Livia Cette will probably be familiar to you as she is responsible for many of the arrangements in Martha Stewart Weddings and Anthropologie catalogs. Browse a sampling of her portfolio on her pretty website, The Green Vase. What a dream job!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Morning Glory!

Just in case you didn't know...I am getting married in October! I had the big idea that I was going to grow all the flowers for the wedding. That lasted about a month. First, I grew dozens of green and white zinnias and sunflowers from seed in starting pots all over the back porch. I also ordered a dozen or so dahlia bulbs, clematis and hydrangea starts from the fantastic Songsparrow company. I got excited, planted them all too early, and half of them froze and became a rotten mess. Oh, wait! Did I mention the clay soil?? It wasn't just a mix of clay, it was solid- throw it down on a wheel and make a pot- kind of heavy, heavy clay. I dug out a large deep rectangle, which appeared was going to be my own grave, to plant my cutting garden. I couldn't turn my head or bend the next day. After a few months of dedicated watering, my work started to pay off and the flowers began to flourish. The very next hour, a plague of biblical proportions rained down and began eating their way through my fledgling wedding crop. Everyday proved a battle between me and the Japanese Beetle. Nothing. No traps, sprays, nor my Uncle Ivan's never-fail Hungarian Pest-Rid Potion of garlic, soap and cayenne pepper curbed their insatiable appetites. The only thing to do was start grabbing them by the handfuls and pitch them into a bucket of soapy water. I must have murdered over a thousand in the last two months. Thankfully, I have noticed drastically fewer beetles over the past two weeks. So, what's left of my flowers? I'm able to produce a sweet little vase like this every week and I have enough to share with my neighbors! Now, if only some would last until October... Anyway. I now have much greater respect and empathy for farmers and gardeners, including my parents. I never had much interest in all the hot, hard work they were doing out there in the garden all summer long, but I sure did love to pick the flowers. (Sorry Dad!) Now I'm addicted. When I wake up in the morning I can't wait to get out there and see what's happened overnight. Today it was my first morning glory bloom!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Nathan Abels

I just got an email from a SCAD friend and one of my favorite painters, Nathan Abels. Nathan, an Indiana native, is now living in Colorado with his lovely new bride Lorna, and he currently has a show up at Sliding Door Gallery in Denver. You can see more of his work on his new website here. Nathan has an amazing range of artistic talent. I'm in awe of his process (he often develops his subject matter through photography), his incredible sense of design, and the arrestingly austere paintings that result. I'm equally as smitten with his collage paintings on antique photographs or his silhouettes. I found out while working at shopSCAD that Nathan already has many serious collectors. So, now is probably the time to get your fix while you still can!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Purty like a lady bird"

Our country mourns the passing of a great lady, the original, Lady Bird. I often speak of "lady birds" in my work. For me, the name implies curiosity, industriousness, and a kind heart, which are also befitting descriptions for such a woman as was Lady Bird Johnson. She is best remembered for her campaigns for preserving our nation's natural beauty. The surprising wildflowers seen along busy highways are a constant reminder of her work. I have only recently started getting serious about my small patch of earth here at my home, but the effort has already rewarded me with bountiful flowers, giant bumblebees, and all kinds of unforseen benefits. Undoubtedly her influence touches all of us at some point. She certainly led the way for those of us who strive to incorporate nature's simple and restorative beauty in our daily lives. The proprietor of the blog, Housemartin comes to mind. I look forward to her posts everyday.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


When the blazing sun is gone, when he nothing shines upon, then you show your little light, twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

is now available in my etsy shop!

Friday, July 6, 2007

@home with Liz Demos

When I moved to Savannah to start school my mom and I lived at the La Quinta Inn for two weeks. We could not find an apartment for me to rent that wasn't a dark and dingy basement or airy and affordable. We made ourselves sick circling the squares over and over again looking for "for rent" signs. We did happen upon a sweet little shop on Abercorn street called @home. The shopkeeper there was immediately friendly and talkative and she even gave us some helpful information about where we should look for an apartment. (This included marking a big X over Henry st.) We instantly fell in love with Liz and her shop. She sold and continues to sell an ever-changing assortment of vintage found objects and furniture as well as vintage-inspired housewares. I always fall head over heels for her unique finds. She searches high and low and with her incredible eye, finds treasures where others might never bother looking. I started to buy bits and bobs from her to use in my work- especially her vintage ribbons and millinery flowers. She even gave me a job working at the store! I had so much fun during my time there. Liz even trusted me to create displays for her, which was huge because up to that point I believe she had been doing them all herself and the store was her baby. As a creative person I know how hard it is sometimes to receive help with artistic endeavors! But that is part of her gift, knowing when to get help and who to trust. Two stores relocations and only a handful of years later, she has built one of the greatest shopping establishments in Savannah. She has gathered an incredible team of creative helpers along the way. Many of them contribute their original wares to the the shop. I'll never forget that Liz was the first one to take notice of my work in Savannah. She sold my art in the shop and even hosted my thesis show, allowing me to display my work throughout her entire shop! It was an incredible time. We were like long lost sisters who shared similar tastes and interests. I learned a lot from Liz and I still do. She inspires me to branch out from my safe little world and to challenge myself. She always has. Together with her sweet and supportive husband Paul, she now continues to do all the amazing things she does and raise an adorable little boy, William. I could go on and on about all her endeavors (I haven't even scratched the surface!) but you can better see and read about them yourself- at her new shop on Broughton Street, on her website that is coming very soon, as well as on her new beautiful blog. Thank you, Liz!

(images from holly becker via decor8)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Regalia Handmade

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a little gem of a town in the mountains of the Ozarks. It's located in my old neck of the woods in the state's northwest corner. It's streets are steep and winding hills filled with quaint shops, art galleries and interesting hole in the wall restaurants (The Oasis is my fave!) housed in the town's original 19th century buildings. There are sweet little bed and breakfasts tucked in and around the downtown area or grander historic hotels if you prefer. My family used to relish The Dairy Hollow House run by the amazing chef and writer Crescent Dragonwagon (check out her cookbooks!). The inn has since been recreated as an incredible writer's colony. Another talented artist who recently relocated to Eureka is my friend from Fayetteville, Mark Hughes. Mark creates a beautiful line of natural fiber clothing for women from his adorable studio-shop Regalia, Handmade. I haven't been to the new shop, but a friend tells me it is as inspired as his last. If you have a chance to visit Eureka you must stop by! He is one of the friendliest guys I know and just being in his colorful and inventive environment makes you feel so good! I love wearing his skirts and dresses. My current favorite is a linen v-neck sleeveless dress with the greatest deep pockets in a mustard yellow color. I wear it at least once a week! Check out his website here. Also, don't miss Mitchell's Folly next door. He always has an amazing collection of heartache-inducing found treasures. There is so much nature to enjoy in this area too! Lots of folks honeymoon and even marry here-see Thorncrown Chapel.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Small Works

These sweet "combine paintings" are now for sale on Etsy! They are assembled from bits and bobs of just about everything I collect. I'm finally ready to let go of some of my collection of chalkware birds. My place was starting to look like The Birds, although a friendlier version. I'm afraid my pictures don't do these pieces justice. I am having problems editing my photos. I no longer have the luxury of photoshop (for now). I've been relying on an online photo editor and my computer's old software, and um...I was also kind of excited and in a hurry to photograph and get them online! I hate an empty storefront!

Monday, July 2, 2007


I've finally begun creating a small archive of my artwork on Flickr. In doing so, I'm beginning to realize how many pieces I have let go over the years without documention. Very sad! Lesson learned! Hopefully. This work spans from my most recent work, some of which is still available at shopSCAD, back to the beginning of my graduate studies at SCAD in 2001.