Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been working on a fun book project that documents the past ten(!) years of my artwork. I'm using and doing all the design work myself which has been interesting! I'm still learning photoshop so when the going gets tough I just cut and paste the page together and scan! I was inspired by my friend book, Artsy Mama's A Seasonal Guide to the Creative Life-thanks, Kari! I hope to have it out in time for Christmas! I want to include some how-to's and am open to any comments or suggestions you might have!! Here's a few pages to preview. Xo

Title Page

Bell Jar Assemblages

Assemblage paintings


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bake it Pretty-Coming Soon!

I'm pretty excited about Bake it Pretty a new supply shop for bakers (and crafters) from the creator of one of my favorite Etsy shops, A. Bel Emporium. The shop was run by the talented, funny, and industrious, Amanda Krueger-whose blog Every Little Thing has become a new favorite! Due to the tremendous success of her Etsy supply shop-she is in the process of creating her very own online shop, Bake it Pretty! I share this also because she obviously knows a thing or two about selling on Etsy-which she kindly shares here- for anyone like myself who's curious! Thanks, Amanda (who although she doesn't know it, is my new BFF)!
Below are some images of the goodies she sold through A.Bel Emporium

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dejarnette New Orleans

I adore all four distinct jewelry lines of Dejarnette, New Orleans by Katherine Dejarnette Babin. They are elegant, modern, natural, and found object (of course!) and she materializes them all so eloquently! I'm a little obsessed with the yellow/gray combination of her flip-flop necklace-below. xo

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I like nice.

You probably already know and love Nice by Caitlin Holcomb but I can't help myself from gushing about her too! I love her charming doily lampshades and really everything she makes! In addition to her huge variety of artwork, her Etsy shop is also packed with great vintage finds! I may sound corny, but it really does seem like her work is made with lots of love and gratitude-which is so nice to have around!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lealand Eve Boutique

I discovered Lealand Eve Boutique through my favorite blog, Melissa Loves. I believe the brick and mortar shop is located on Long Island. Their online selection is small but incredible and I can only imagine what the shop has to offer! I gotta get me on an airplane outta here someday soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Check out my friend LillyBonBon! She makes the sweetest little cake-toppers and cut-paper silhouette votives-perfect handcrafted gifts to start collecting for the holidays! She keeps a pretty swell blog too-I'm looking forward to trying out her butternut squash soup recipe! She also made some pretty yarn wreaths for her bedroom recently! Thanks for the mention, Lilly! Here's backatcha! xo

Diary of Michelle Mayer

Thanks to Linda Crispell's blog, I found out about the amazing and courageous life story of Michelle Mayer-known for her incredible blog, Diary of a Dying Mom. Michelle passed away October 11th but has left an incredible legacy for her family and for us thanks to the online daily journal she kept-this in addition to all the honorable work she pursued with an open heart and mind throughout her life. Her blog is here and should you need to catch up with Michelle's life as I did, her family has posted a video there in which she shares her story from the beginning. Thank you for your bravery and big heart, Michelle! I have taken your words to heart and am so grateful. xo

I thought these prints by Shelli of Studio Mela
were fitting reminders of Michelle. xo

Monday, October 20, 2008

Craft Stylish!

My first how-to magazine article appears in CraftStylish: Holiday Decorating Ideas-available now! If you would like step-by-step diy instructions on how to make a fluffy yarn wreath-check out pp.60-61!
Look for this cover!

Thank you, Sarah Opdahl!