Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Plastic Forever


 Oval Right

Barrettes Wreath

Since 1999 Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang have been visiting 1000 yards of Kehoe Beach in the Point Reyes National Sea Shore. We have rambled this one remote beach hundreds of times to gather plastic debris washing out of the Pacific Ocean. By carefully collecting and "curating" the bits of plastic, we fashion it into works of art— art that matter-of-factly shows, with minimal artifice, the material as it is. The viewer is often surprised that this colorful stuff is the thermoplastic junk of our throwaway culture. As we have deepened our practice we’ve found, like archeologists, that each bit of what we find opens into a pinpoint look at the whole of human culture. Each bit has a story to tell.
–excerpt from the artist's website 

Oval Left

Lemon Man

Bosky Dell

When we went on our honeymoon to Hawaii in 2007 I couldn't believe that I was collecting plastic bits instead of shells. I came home with a box full of bits that look just like these above. (I think I may have even posted about them before, but ah, well.) When I saw these works on Pinterest, they captured my heart all over again. This new phenomenon, so very sad (a disaster, really) and a reminder of our gross desire for the cheap and convenient and yet these images are so appealing in color and a bit nostalgic in their content, no? xo