Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anna Lorich

I found emerging artist, Anna Lorich via the Found Object blog (which is packed with intriguing and unusual finds!). Anna is a recent graduate of RISD and mentions that most of the work featured on her site was created in part for her MFA Thesis. Her modern and quirky interpretations of traditional designs are altogether ethereal and exquisite! Some of the these works are now available through Gallery Loupe.
Landscape Ring -front view
Plastic, resin, photograph, 14k gold.

Pillow Rings
Sterling silver, cloth, cotton, Swarovsky crystal, fine silver, enamel.

Birdie Ring
photo, resin, 14k gold, 24k gold, sterling silver, lace.

Ring Family- group shot
Some rings available here.

Landscape Earrings
Plastic, resin, photograph, 14k gold.

Pillow Brooch
Cloth, thread, 14k gold, photographs, resin, ink.

Queen Anna’s Lace- Front view
Plastic, sterling silver, resin, photograph, 14k gold, steel.

Mother Brooch with Hair Drawing
composed photograph. pencil, photograph.

Anna age 10-red hair with dress drawing
Pencil, acrylic paint, and photo.
Anna Lorich Artist Statemet
via Gallery Loupe

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jessica Jane...

makes the loveliest things with polymer clay! Through her Flickr album I've been able to catch a glimpse of what she's been creating/living/experiencing over the years. A few details- she is a real red-head (blessed people!), her first love is painting, she lives near the ocean in beautiful Monterey, California, and is married to a Marine! Visit her FLickr album or sweet blog here! I love her blog profile tag line..."I'm having an affair, with Etsy." So true... for so many...

Polymer Clay Houses-coming soon! more info here

Custom order- more info here

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drika B

DrikaB's bags are so clever! I love her use of upholstery-grade jute webbing for handles! (I've used it recently to frame my paintings! Good stuff!) She creates a totally modern bag by pairing beloved old-fashioned fabrics like ticking, linens and jute with pretty modern fabrics! And these aren't just totes- they are beautifully structured with added pockets-so the bottom of your bag doesn't become a scary cesspool like mine!
ruffle tote in green and celery

Ruffle tote detail

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Nellie

Handmade and crocheted "fabric snoots" or elephants, kats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and meese by Trish of Sweet Nellie. Delightful color combinations, tiny details, and sweet vintage fabrics! This morning I lost myself in her enchanting world through Sweet Nellie's blog history and Flickr site.
Camille- sold


Orson- sold

Owen- sold

Friday, July 25, 2008

Have a great weekend!

I'm in love with this little owl and her light blue beak!
Visit her here. xo

Boris by astulabee

Boris kitty was handmade by Nicole Licht of astulabee on Etsy. I love his handsome tweed and his "crouching tiger" posturing! Reminds me of someone I know!

Mati Rose McDonough & Mood Swing Studio

I love the results of the collaboration between artist Mati Rose McDonough of Suspect Shoppe fame and Kristen the jewelry designer behind Mood Swing Studio! I've loved catching glimpses of Mati's "there is nothing wrong with you" print around blogland. It makes me stop and relax a bit every time! (i mean sure there is a lot wrong with me- but in the grand scheme of things in this short life....oh, you know what i mean!) Carry her message with you in their sweet pendant necklace, true love affirmation, handcrafted by Mood Swing Studio. So nice!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Madame Chrysanthemum

A new-to-me favorite stop we made in Savannah was to the color-box shop of loveliness that is Madame Chrysanthemum. Owner Michele Mikulec has created a floral design business and boutique that ravishes guests with color and contrast. I wanted to get paint swatches of every wall! I purchased some lovely little nests and feather birds to decorate my wreaths. Amy and I loved her electric red flocked shadow-box frames too! Visit the Madame at the corner of West Taylor and Whitaker street in the Downtown Design District of Savannah. Michele kindly charged my camera battery too- thank you!! xoxo
Madame Chrysanthemum
101 West Taylor St, Savannah GA

See what I mean??

Red flocked wall shadowboxes!

I'd love some giant butterflies on my wall! I wonder if my mom still has
the brass ones that were in our living room in the seventies!

I love the natural elements mixed with technicolors!

The Madame herself- the talented Michele Mikulec

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back in the Day Bakery

Now- more from my Savannah sojourn- so hospitably hosted by my friend, Amy Zurcher. We ran around like crazy last week and needed a break from the heat and humidity! We didn't even think twice about where to go. Our favorite sweet spot in Savannah is Back in the Day Bakery. (Although, their lunch offerings are incredible as well!) Over the years Cheryl and Griff Day and their super staff have provided us with the most heavenly birthday cakes, baby cakes, cupcakes, and even a wedding cake for Amy and Randy. We love the old-fashioned recipes and their buttercream frosting can make any day brighter! Cheryl made her debut on the Paula Deen Show this past Sunday on The Food Network. Go Cheryl! You looked so pretty and the show was really funny and sweet! I'm sure they will repeat it again soon so get your Tivo ready. Check out Cheryl's blog for more!
Back in the Day Bakery
2403 Bull Street, Savannah, GA

Look at the fresh baked bread!

Pretty pink and yellow buttercream with the most delicate little fondant flowers.

cupcake + diet coke = light snack!

Lovely place to meet a friend!

Loved their vintage lamp!

new and vintage goodies for sale!
new bakery tee-shirts just in!

All the girls wear vintage aprons!