Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008)

I owe my painting method to the inventor of the 'combine painting'- Robert Rauschenberg who said,  "A pair of socks is no less suitable to make a painting than wood, nails, turpentine, oil, and fabric." 

Untitled, 1955. Combine painting. Jasper Johns Collection

Minutiae, 1954. Freestanding combine. Private Collection, Switzerland.

Charlene, 1954. Combine painting. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

"I don't think of myself as making art. I do what I do because I want to, because painting is the best way I've found to get along with myself. "


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this introduction to Robert Rauschenberg. I love his work and the quotations especially the last one. He must have had a wonderful sense of humor . The inclusion of the rooster in the first piece and the bird on top of another makes me smile. I will have to find out more about this artist.

Our Hands For Hope said...

Oh my I love this artwork!!! Thank you for posting it.

molly said...

i watched Rauschenberg speak with Charlie Rose, live, one night in the MOMA in NYC and it was heaven. Then, someone once compared one of my pieces to his and I was transported to heaven once again...