Thursday, August 14, 2008

Linda Crispell

Have you met my friend, Linda Crispell? I did- thanks to this oddly personal & relationship forming computer machine before me- and I'm so grateful! I first discovered Linda thanks to Mary Englebreit's Home Companion-remember this article? I am obsessed with her antique church bulletin case and her vintage cake decoration collection. (I wish I could go treasure hunting along with Linda and her husband! They must know all the best places!) She is also a mixed-media artist after my own heart! I found out that we have used the same vintage imagery in our works!! Linda shares funny stories from her life and sneak peeks of her art and Etsy-shop goodies on her blog here. Thanks for your friendship and support, Linda! xo
Duck Shrine
One of my favorite pieces of Linda's!

Linda's home...
Remember this lovely confection of cakes and pottery?
Image from ME Home Companion article Reuse, Recycle, Relax.
I covet her found church bulletin case-made wonderful art
installation created with her children's artwork and vintage collections!
Image from ME Home Companion article Reuse, Recycle, Relax.
Amazing vintage wedding cake topper collection
(which she frequently shares in her Etsy shop!)
See also- her framed vintage collage work.
Image from ME Home Companion article Reuse, Recycle, Relax.

Linda with her sweet family and a detail of
her sweetest vintage collection!
Image from ME Home Companion article Reuse, Recycle, Relax.

Linda's Little Blue Dress Collage
available in her Etsy shop!

left: Soiree Dress Collage
right: Polka Dot Dress Collage
available in her Etsy shop!


Linda Summerfield said...

Thank you so much Katie! I am so flattered by your kind words. I will gladly go treasure hunting with you any time! I am so intrigued by all of the wonderful shops you have blogged about. It has been so wonderful meeting people like you and getting to peek inside their creative worlds.
Your Pal,

Liz Demos said...

Once again Katie, I want to say I think we were separated at birth. I have this very article in a folder and it is all wrinkled because I handle it so much. I googled Linda and had no luck. I am so pleased you made contact with her and got all these links posted. You have competition girl, I have also been hunting high and low for a church bulletin just like Linda's.
: ) said...

I ripped out all of the pages in that article and saved them! Thanks so much for her link!

Amy Bell said...

i am playing catch up on my reading and see that i have missed the give-away! ugh! how lucky are the mcmaster and storm girls???

hope all is well...things are busy here, as always...just love your blog.


Kristen said...

Oh, I LOVED that issue of Home Companion too, probably one of my favorites~ the pictures of her home & collections are amazing!! I met Linda too through Etsy~ she's great :)