Friday, April 17, 2009

Misako Mimoko

These handmade dolls by Eva Monleón of misako mimoko have stolen my heart! I can't get over their darling vintage-cartoony expressive eyes and just far out creativity! Her talent as an illustrator and graphic artist must be the vision behind their fantastic features! Visit Eva's {Etsy} or {blog}for more! xo
doli doggy with black hat-sold

doli little mermaid-sold


tammy smith said...

How do you find all these wonderful and original artists Katie?
I've been checking back in on your blog from time to time and ALWAYS find something or somebody I've never seen before and that I love.
You have quite an eye, girl!
keep up the good work and by that, I also mean YOUR work because it's so wonderful too.

misako mimoko said...

Hello Katie!
Thanks a lot for your words and this lovely post. I'm really touched :)
I think we share some similar tastes!! cause I love almost everything in your blog! those wooden sparrows are wonderful, Robert Ogden's lamps, Something's Hiding in Here...
I'll come back!
thanks again and have a very nice weekend!

natalea said...

oh! I just love the mermaid doll especially- so sweet!
have a great weekend! xo natalea

melissa loves said...

Oh my! I can see why these have stolen your heart! These are adorable! So expressive, original and vintage all at the same time!