Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jess Brown Design

You probably already know and love the sweet details of Jess Brown's dolls...but I simply must continue to add jewels like these to my treasury of favorites! I find so much inspiration in their simplicity of form mixed with their fanciful vintage fabric details, tattered edges and homespun stitching. xo
An original Jess Brown doll.

Jess Brown original dolls and necklaces by Jess made
from linen and giant "beads" made from scraps of antique fabrics.

Jess Brown Doll (left) with a Danica Suskin friend
in a vignette at Jess's shop Maude in Petaluma, Ca.
What I wouldn't give to visit!

Jess's daughter took this photo of her doll that was one in
her series collaboration with Wovenplay...Small Magazine
did a wonderful article here.

Small magazine's article revealed that it was important to Jess that her doll's design fulfill her childhood wish that her dolly's arms be long enough to hold while walking down the street!

The dolls overall style are modeled after antique French rag dolls. Their sweet coiffures are crafted from recycled felted sweaters and their dresses are from her 'constantly gathered' collection of vintage fabrics. Don't you wish you could have a pair of their hand-knit stockings?

Jess Brown's cozy home studio.

Dolls in waiting. After the doll is assembled Jess hand dyes
each doll in a tea bath for up to three days.

A little vignette of doll production life- tea, salt,
and the tags she sends off with each doll.
*Images via Jess Brown's Blog where she catalogues her dolls
before they are sent to their new homes.*


Jane said...

Thanks for the introduction to Jess Brown's doll!
Lovely blog btw ;)

Michelle said...

This has me wanting to make dolls...