Friday, November 20, 2009

Papier Mache Children's Magazine for All Ages! heart swells this morning as I work my way back again and again through  this most incredible treasury of art and kids and design and handmade marvels...have you seen it? Papier Mache- A free online bi-annual magazine full of wonder and light! I was marveling over the work of Barbara Berrada again when I came upon Papier Mache via Barbara's blog b/c the new edition features several pieces of her artwork and imaginings!  Its simply chock-full of the sweetest and most artful editorials and links by a collaborative effort of some truly imaginative folks!  xo

The curls- of course- and the brooch by my favorite doll artist, Eva Monleón
aka Misako Mimoko had me at Hello!

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misako mimoko said...

Thank you so much Katie for these sweet words! I'm truly honored.
have a very nice week :)