Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Fun with ShopSCAD

So...still working on getting caught up here! I was honored to be invited down to join in the festivities at shopSCAD's Pop-Up shop in downtown Atlanta around the first of are some photos of the incredible displays they fashioned in only two days! Photos taken by the marvelous Adam Kuehl...
Welcome...please do come in and warm yourself by the vintage faux firelogs!

Display of SCAD's Working Class Studio wares!

A view to the salon style Fine Art gallery wall and my very favorite item- the Chandelier by Virginia Wynne- decorated by shopSCAD with greenery, yarn, and a mix of happy shades.

A view to the bath and jewelry area...and the ghosts of shoppers past.

Amy Zurcher, Joe Bush and myself...happy together again!

The cozy bedroom nook with handcarved trees by Martha Enzmann, pottery by Irene McCollam, and
handmade quilts by Jen Jenkins.

My little nook filled with yarn wreaths and nests

Now, thankfully Amy Z. took some photos of the ornaments and wreaths I made for the occasion... main material this year being the humble pipe-cleaner...
snowflakes and baubles

little nests atop vintage spools

little birdies on a wire

mini yarn wreath ornaments

these are really easy to make- just cut out a donut shape from a sturdy piece of chipboard as your base and wrap your yarn and/or pipecleaners round and round like a wreath.

a few of my 2010 wreaths- i was trying to go a bit more mod this year!
many of these are now available at shopSCAD Savannah!

P.S. Thank you shopSCAD for including me in POpUP! xox


blue moss said...

oh all looked so great!!! i love your new mod wreaths :)

andrea creates said...

looks great and very inspiring!
thanks for sharing the photos :)

tera @ elgin eco-house said...

love the pic of the three beautiful people - you all look GREAT!

the shop is stunning, and your wreaths are so sweet. i cherish mine.

Anonymous said...

I would kill, to have been there! Love it:)

holly said...

So how did it go? Looks dreamy.
Hope everyone enjoyed it, loved it and sold lots!