Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Lionel Stitchie Project by Molly Evans

Something awesome has been showing up on castaway furniture on the streets of Milwaukee and I thought you should know about it.  My amazing artist friend from the ol' shopSCAD days, Molly Evans of Mollyeeee has been creating a series of pop-up public works of fiber art in the eastside neighborhoods. Under the cover of darkness, Molly sews her braided yarn sentiments onto the castoff furniture of unsuspecting residents. Folks, only Molly would see these big ol' yard farts as blank canvases. Genius! Molly describes her studio as, "specializ(ing) in modern quilting, costume design, installation art, and unusual, temporary public art designed to make folks stop and appreciate the good thing they have going." This latest project entitled, Lionel Stitchie, has most definitely had folks scratching their heads and getting stuck on a beloved smooth rhyme for the rest of the day. Follow along via the Mollyeeeee InstagramFacebook, Tumblr and Website. xo

 Photos above by Molly Evans and part of her series Lionel Stitchie, 2013.